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Swansea Osteopath Nicole Stroh

Nicole Stroh M.Ost

Owner - Osteopath

Nicole graduated from Swansea University with a 1st class honours and Student of the Year department award in her Masters of Osteopathy undergraduate degree. She is also the 2020 winner of the Institute of Osteopathy's Rising Star Award. This 4-year, full-time, course provided her with the knowledge, skillset and experience to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal complaints.
Her final year dissertation was dedicated to researching the effectiveness of manual therapy in the treatment of neck and craniofacial pain, an area of clinical practice she has particular interest in.
During her degree she worked as a student Osteopath in both private and NHS clinics, gaining experience in sporting injuries and work-related complaints through to persistent pain conditions and those suffering from multiple health conditions. Her preventative and multi-modal approach to wellbeing derives from here!
Prior to graduating she worked as an advanced Soft Tissue Therapist and set up Health 360, with over 5 years experience as a manual therapist. Whilst she already has an extensive amount of training under her belt, she continuously expands her knowledge base with regular CPD courses and workshops . Maintaining up-to-date with current research is her priority as an evidence-informed practitioner, ensuring optimal results for patients whilst keeping them in the driving seat of their recovery!

Swansea Osteopath Meryl Volpe

Meryl Volpe M.Ost


Meryl graduated with a Masters of Osteopathy from Swansea University after completing the degree full time, over 4 years. During her studies, she developed the skills and knowledge needed in order to provide holistic, patient-centred treatment for musculoskeletal complaints.
Her experience includes 3 years of working as an Osteopathic student in both a private and an NHS-based clinic, in which she developed and gained interests in sport and work-related injuries, as well as working with chronic pain patients, who often needed to discuss long term plans and goals, along-side a high-quality treatment plan.
Meryl has developed a particular interest in conditions or injuries affecting the knees and hips; alongside a growing interest in visceral (abdominal) treatment.
Meryl wrote her dissertation on the psychological effect that Osteopathy could have on people who receive treatment, expanding her knowledge on relevant biopsychosocial issues and what treatments have been shown to positively affect anxiety and stress.
In her spare time, Meryl enjoys a good run and plenty of yoga, hobbies that have brought with them a number of years of experience, including many mistakes from which she has learned to incorporate into her work, eagerly sharing the knowledge and guiding patients into an injury and stress-free course of rehab.

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