1:1 Movement Rehab

Senior Physiotherapy

Movement is medicine, and here at Health 360, we value its' recovery and preventative ability! These 1:1 rehab sessions provide time for you to progress through your tailored rehab plan in a guided session with your Osteopath. These are particularly valuable for those afraid of attending a recommended movement/exercise class for the time being or those requiring specific prehab/rehab for surgery or an injury.

As the name suggests, these sessions are focused on developing healthy, functional movement patterns suitable for all our clients regardless of age and ability. We recommend booking a session in conjunction with your consults if you would like to build solid foundations for your rehab plan or to build on your success so far for onward recovery once your injury has resolved.

Sessions may consist of a combination of strengthening, stability, mobility, breathing mechanics and proprioceptive exercises tailored to the requirements highlighted in your Osteopathic consult.